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Jackie and Lindsay 


"Heart Your Heart" Month

Happy February! Wow did January fly by or what? We hope you are still sticking to your goals and remembering that there are "no excuses"!  

We are excited to announce that it is officially "Heart Your Heart" month and we can't wait for all the exciting posts we have to share with you.  Of course, this month celebrates the season of love and it also celebrates something extremely important- your heart!  February is American Heart Month and we want to make sure every single one of you are taking awesome care of your heart!  This month we will have heart healthy recipes, cardio workouts we do to help our heart, and tips on how to keep a healthy heart! You can start by hitting the pavement on this beautiful Saturday by walking or running a 5k!

Later on, we will have some exciting news to share with all of you and we can't wait!  This year is going to be an amazing one for A Bite of Fitness!

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Heart Your Motivators XOXO,

Half Marathon Training Update

Hey everyone! We've mentioned it before and have blogged about it, but our Princess Half Marathon is coming up in LESS than 20 days! We actually just got back from a 10 mile run in pouring down rain and 50 degree temperatures (that's rough for us Florida girls). I think I just now started warming up after a couple cups of coffee.

Our training has gone really well! I've improved so much since last year-the Princess half was my first race ever and I know I'll beat last year's time. We've logged a ton of miles over the last few weeks and have increased our strength training as well. I think we're in good shape for this race; the next couple weeks are definitely going to fly by!
rain and the cold can't keep us from knocking out an amazing run!

We complete smaller workouts throughout the week that include 3 mile runs, interval treadmill workouts, and lots of strength training. It's important to switch it up so your body gets challenged completing different workouts. As much as we enjoy running it's nice to have a break with a fun HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout or a satisfying weights sesh at the gym. A lot of runners who are training for a big race forget to add strength training. Increasing strength training workouts to your weekly regime will help to strengthen the muscles runners use most. So definitely add it in!

Now for the rest of the day we are taking it easy with some stretching and relaxing before we have work and school! I refueled our run with a scrambled egg white sandwich and my fave Green Power Smoothie and Lindsay enjoyed some protein pancakes. We burned over 1000      calories so we've gotta eat up!

Are you training for any races that are coming up? Let us know in the comments!

In Fitness,


Natural Zzzquil

Everyone loves a good nights sleep... And sleep is extremely important for your health.  When you sleep well, your performance during the day is better, you have more energy, and you feel good.  We got this smoothie recipe from Dr. Oz and are absolutely obsessed... not only does this smoothie make your sleep more soundly but it also works your metabolism while you are sleeping.  I like to refer to it as "the miracle smoothie". 

Not only does tart cherry juice release natural melatonin but it also boosts metabolism... making this the perfect drink before bed time. You can drink the tart cherry juice on its own but the added ingredients in this smoothie will help make you sleep like a baby. 

Dr. Oz Sleep Slim Smoothie
slightly adapted 

1 cup tart cherry juice (make sure there is no sugar added)
1/2 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
splash of vanilla extract

1. Put all ingredients in a blender.
2. Blend until smooth.


The consistency will be more like juice than a smoothie.

We like to drink this smoothie at least 3 times a week before bed!  Let us know if you tried it and received the same benefits that we love from it!

Looks like Carly got the benefits from the sleep smoothie!


Healthy Side Idea: Kicked Up Veggies

You've heard it over and over again...eat your vegetables! It's so true though! But eating plain veggies day after day gets boring. That's why we like to play around and create delicious recipes that make healthy eating fun and exciting! This recipe for our kicked up Green Beans and Bell Peppers is the perfect addition to any weeknight dinner. Pair it with your favorite lean entree like one of our favorites, Pesto Salmon! BTW, green beans and bell peppers is an amazing combo.

LOVE that color!