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Together, we started this blog to continue on with a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle. We wanted to be able to communicate our health and fitness goals, and share in the progress of a positive lifestyle. With this blog, we are able to communicate with you all and continue to help motivate each other.

Hi, I'm Jackie, one of the creators of A Bite of Fitness! I'm a recent college grad and have my Bachelor's in Event Management. My dream is to be involved with a health and fitness organization, working on events and promoting a healthy and active life.

I love being active and healthy and have so many motivators to do so. For most of my life I felt like I'd been an active and healthy person, until I started to really pay attention to my lifestyle. I became really aware of what I was eating and doing, and soon realized it was not how I wanted to be; not only was my health not a priority, I was extremely unhappy. I moved on from binge eating to light, fresh, and delicious snacks. I started running and quickly fell in love. Not only did my health improve, I saw noticeable changes to my body, and had an overall positive and happy outlook on life. Thanks to this commitment that I've promised myself, I encouraged others to adopt this lifestyle and am very excited to share my motivators and inspirations.


Hey, this is Lindsay, and I am also a creator of A Bite of Fitness.  I am a recent college grad as well and have my Bachelor's in Hospitality Management.  I am now in culinary school studying towards my Associates in Baking and Patisserie.  One day I hope to open my own bakery that includes healthy options! 

One of my favorite things to do is be in the kitchen whether I'm cooking up a healthy dinner or baking a delicious treat, I love it all! I, also, love to workout.  I have become a much healthier person within the past years and have learned to focus on what I am putting in my body and that being active is extremely important.  I love making different foods and putting a healthy spin on them!  I hope with our blog you find the motivation, fun, and excitement that we find in our lifestyle. 

J and L 

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